Security around the home

security window screen
security window screen

Did you know in around 75% of burglaries, it takes the intruder less than 5 minutes to break in. Here are the most common ways a burglar will enter your home, and it’s probably not the way you think. We’ve all seen the movies, burglars scaling walls to gain entry to your home. But in reality, burglars don’t want to work that hard and will always take advantage of poor security.

The front door

About a third of burglaries take place when the intruder has simply walked through an unlocked door. This often happens when someone is at home and the burglar just grabs what is within easy reach and has gone before you notice.

Some doors are also forced because they are not very secure and easy to break in to. This often happens to a door at the back of your home, where a burglar is less likely to be seen by a neighbour or someone walking by.

Open windows

In summer when we are trying to keep cool, our first thought is to throw open our windows for the sea breeze. But this is an open invitation to any would-be burglars that are lurking. Windows without locks or screens are also seen as an easy target if no one is home.


Most garages have a door which leads into your home, and often this is forgotten when it comes to security. Make sure your garage door and the adjoining door to your home is always locked.

You can minimise your risk by:

Fitting security screens to your windows and doors – and keeping them locked even when you are at home.

Making sure your outdoor areas are well-lit.

Making sure your trees aren’t overgrown, so they can’t be used as a screen for a burglar to enter your home.

Locking your garage and sheds as these can often contain valuable equipment and items such as ladders that a would-be burglar can use to access your home.

Tower Security can assist you with securing windows and doors.

Security screen doors

We understand that every home is unique, which is why our security screen doors are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Whether you prefer a sleek modern design or a more traditional look, our doors can be tailored to complement your home.

At Tower Security, we believe that security should never compromise style. Our security doors are designed to Australian Standards to provide robust protection, while also enhancing the visual appeal of your home. Invest in the safety and beauty of your home with our customer-focused solutions.

Offering enhanced protection without compromising the style of your home, security screen doors are a smart investment for homeowners who prioritize security and style. Contact us on 9302 1901 to book a free, no-obligation measure and quote.

What is Crimsafe?

Stainless steel security doors and screens are a popular home security improvement and there are a number of different brands of stainless steel available. Crimsafe is one that people are used to hearing about through advertising.  Crimsafe is a brand of 304 grade stainless steel. ( Much like there are different brands of televisions).

If you are going to the effort of installing security mesh,you do not want to end up disappointed if the mesh fails to deliver on its promises. Sometimes, knowing which of the many products are going to perform the best in the long term can rely on being able to understand the information provided by each company. We are often asked about the difference in the stainless steel security door brands.

At Tower Security we choose to use Invisi-Gard , a premium 316 marine grade stainless steel.

What sets 316 grade stainless steel apart from 304 grade is its higher corrosion resistance,  notably in marine environments. 316 is regarded as the standard marine grade material for this very reason. In the case of window and door security screens which are required to be exposed to the elements over long periods of time, it makes sense that corrosion resistance is a fundamental consideration.

Want to know more about stainless steel security doors? Tower security is a licensed Invisi-gard manufacturer, located in Wangara. We offer free quotes, and friendly, reliable service.

Contact us on 9302 1901 or email

security door

Aluminium gates and fences, made to suit you.

Aluminium gates and fences have become popular additions to homes and businesses. They are an easy care, colour matched, lockable solution. In addition, we can create enclosures and privacy screens.

Gates and fences are not the only areas that we can manufacture solutions for. Hide the rubbish bins, create a lockable area, screen air-conditioners from view or replace an old wooden gate. Duraslat aluminium fits the brief.

CityScape aluminium shutters

CityScape aluminium louvre
CityScape aluminium louvre

The CityScape aluminium shutters are a perfect solution to enhance
your living areas. Combining design, strength and flexibility, CityScape
aluminium shutters enable alfresco living all year round. By providing the right
mix of light, airflow and temperature control, this opening solution allows you to
maximise your lifestyle and enhance the appeal of your home.

With a design that incorporates an outstanding
modern shutter look, improved functionality, as well as enhanced strength and
rigidity with the use of structural alloys, CityScape is the perfect solution for
internal and external operable shutters.

Contact Tower Security for a free measure and quote.

CityScape aluminium louvre

Seniors Safety and Security Rebate

man in suit looking at camera
man in suit looking at camera

A re-elected McGowan Labor Government will reinstate the Seniors’ Safety and Security Rebate. In this case it will help seniors to purchase security equipment to better protect their homes.

As WA heads towards the election, holders of WA Seniors card may want to keep in mind this election promise made by Mr McGowan especially if home security purchases are currently being considered.

Briefly, the $16 million election commitment will provide WA Seniors Card holders with a rebate of up to $400 for the purchase of home security and safety equipment.

The previous rebate scheme was popular, consequently many Seniors took advantage of it to further secure their home. For example, Security screens and lock repairs were the most popular items.

We can assist you with the information you require to claim this rebate. Contact us on 9302 1901 or via our webpage.

Security doors and the law.

In Western Australia, providers of security doors are regulated by law. Businesses who sell security doors must be licensed to provide that service.

Under the Security and Related Activities Act and Regulations, the business its consultants and installers must have a licence and additionally, they must be able to produce this licence to you on request. A Police clearance is different. It is not sufficient to satisfy Security Licensing. Furthermore large penalties apply to those individuals and businesses who do not have the correct licence. Audits of businesses are conducted regularly by Police Licensing.

What does this mean for you? By dealing with a business that is a licenced Security Agent and has licenced consultants and installers, you can be assured that they have been checked and approved by the WA Police.

If you are letting someone into your home for security purposes, you need to know who they say they are. It is equally important to also feel safe in their presence.

The FAQ on security doors

neon lit question mark
neon lit question mark

You may have some questions about security doors and we have the answers to the more popular. We are sure you will have more and can always assist you over the phone (or by email/social media if its more convenient). In fact, we like questions. Lots of questions.

Don’t be intimidated by the range of security doors and colours. We like to make it an easy process – we want to help you stop worrying about choosing a security door. We can provide with you pricing for a number of different options then encourage you to take your time to decide. This is not a purchase you can hide in a drawer if you don’t like it! It is important you are happy with your choice.

Think about why you really want a security door and we can help from there.

Can I get security door servicing and repairs?

Yes! Tower Security carries out security door servicing and repairs. We carry a wide range of locks and parts. You can buy parts from us if you want to repair the door yourself or book a service with us and we will take care of it from there. (Estimated costs can be provided before we visit).

Let the experts help you get your security door servicing completed so you can allow the fresh air in without the insects and intruders.

Door handle and lock broken? Need new security door keys? Sliding door rollers not working smoothly? Damaged flyscreens? We can fix these for you.

Our friendly team can provide advice and recommendations.