Do door and window screens add value to a home ?

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We have found that home-buyers discover door and window screens can be lacking and it can be a cost saving if these already fitted to the home. While it may have never entered your mind when looking at homes, take the time to consider what’s on the windows and doors. It may not be a deal breaker for you but it may save you some dollars in the future.

Here are a few easy things to keep in mind (along with everything else you are looking at !) and some other great home inspection tips here.

Are there basic flyscreens on the windows and doors? Fresh air in , bugs out !

How is the condition of these screens? Screens can be repaired if the frames are in good condition.

Will a good clean improve them? Door and window screens can collect dirt over time which can detracts from the overall appearance.

Is there a security screen on the window that you may think you would leave open for fresh air? Peace of mind with a fixed security screen.

How about the front door? Can you open the main door to let in the breeze without pets and children wandering off? What sort of condition is the door in ? A well maintained, quality, security screen door will tick these boxes.

Happy house hunting and feel free to contact us if you have any queries on door and window screens.

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