Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a security door?

The most common reasons customers ask us to instal security doors and screens are:

  • Opening up the house to get fresh air  without worrying about children and pets wandering out into the street
  • Being able to open my main door to see who is there but still feel safe
  • Feeling more secure in my home
  • Keeping out bugs
  • Pool Regulation compliance
  • Keeping out would-be thieves

How much does a door or screen cost?

Prices vary based on sizes. We don’t offer a “one size fits all” door as there are  requirements in the Australian Standard regarding security doors. While we can give you an estimation based on your measurements or house plans, we do need to conduct a free site measure to provide an accurate price.

What colour can I have my door and screen frames?

There are a large number of standard colours and an even larger number of non standard colours. Your consultant can show you the range. Non standard colours attract a surcharge.

Is your company licensed to provide security doors?

Yes. In accordance with the Security and Related Activities Act, consultants and installers employed by Tower Security are licensed by the WA Police Dept. This is different to a police clearance and is required by law. Our team have their licence with them at all times for identification.

I don’t know if its for me and don’t want to be pressured into buying something

We agree. Our quotes are free and no obligation. Our quality security doors and screens last a long time and we want you to be happy with whatever you choose.

How do I order a door or window screen?

Once you have received your quotation and wish to proceed, a 30% deposit is required to commence the order. At the time of confirmation of your order we will be able to provide and estimated date for installation. The balance of the order is then paid on completion.

Do you service old security doors?

Yes. We can replace locks, rollers, mesh, closers and more to get your door working properly again.