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Did you know in around 75% of burglaries, it takes the intruder less than 5 minutes to break in. Here are the most common ways a burglar will enter your home, and it’s probably not the way you think. We’ve all seen the movies, burglars scaling walls to gain entry to your home. But in reality, burglars don’t want to work that hard and will always take advantage of poor security.

The front door

About a third of burglaries take place when the intruder has simply walked through an unlocked door. This often happens when someone is at home and the burglar just grabs what is within easy reach and has gone before you notice.

Some doors are also forced because they are not very secure and easy to break in to. This often happens to a door at the back of your home, where a burglar is less likely to be seen by a neighbour or someone walking by.

Open windows

In summer when we are trying to keep cool, our first thought is to throw open our windows for the sea breeze. But this is an open invitation to any would-be burglars that are lurking. Windows without locks or screens are also seen as an easy target if no one is home.


Most garages have a door which leads into your home, and often this is forgotten when it comes to security. Make sure your garage door and the adjoining door to your home is always locked.

You can minimise your risk by:

Fitting security screens to your windows and doors – and keeping them locked even when you are at home.

Making sure your outdoor areas are well-lit.

Making sure your trees aren’t overgrown, so they can’t be used as a screen for a burglar to enter your home.

Locking your garage and sheds as these can often contain valuable equipment and items such as ladders that a would-be burglar can use to access your home.

Tower Security can assist you with securing windows and doors.

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