What is Crimsafe?

Stainless steel security doors and screens are a popular home security improvement and there are a number of different brands of stainless steel available. Crimsafe is one that people are used to hearing about through advertising.  Crimsafe is a brand of 304 grade stainless steel. ( Much like there are different brands of televisions).

If you are going to the effort of installing security mesh,you do not want to end up disappointed if the mesh fails to deliver on its promises. Sometimes, knowing which of the many products are going to perform the best in the long term can rely on being able to understand the information provided by each company. We are often asked about the difference in the stainless steel security door brands.

At Tower Security we choose to use Invisi-Gard , a premium 316 marine grade stainless steel.

What sets 316 grade stainless steel apart from 304 grade is its higher corrosion resistance,  notably in marine environments. 316 is regarded as the standard marine grade material for this very reason. In the case of window and door security screens which are required to be exposed to the elements over long periods of time, it makes sense that corrosion resistance is a fundamental consideration.

Want to know more about stainless steel security doors? Tower security is a licensed Invisi-gard manufacturer, located in Wangara. We offer free quotes, and friendly, reliable service.

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Seniors Safety and Security Rebate

man in suit looking at camera
man in suit looking at camera

A re-elected McGowan Labor Government will reinstate the Seniors’ Safety and Security Rebate. In this case it will help seniors to purchase security equipment to better protect their homes.

As WA heads towards the election, holders of WA Seniors card may want to keep in mind this election promise made by Mr McGowan especially if home security purchases are currently being considered.

Briefly, the $16 million election commitment will provide WA Seniors Card holders with a rebate of up to $400 for the purchase of home security and safety equipment.

The previous rebate scheme was popular, consequently many Seniors took advantage of it to further secure their home. For example, Security screens and lock repairs were the most popular items.

We can assist you with the information you require to claim this rebate. Contact us on 9302 1901 or via our webpage.

Woodlook security screen doors -a warm, natural finish.

Looking out an Invisigard wood look security screen door
Looking out an Invisigard wood look security screen door

Woodlook is becoming a popular choice for aluminium security screen door finishes. There is a wide range of colour designs to choose from. These security screen doors provide an attractive addition to your home. Together with with Invisi-gard stainless steel and you can be sure there is no compromise on the quality of products.

Woodlook finish is a natural timber look with the advantage of low maintenance and the high durability qualities of aluminium. It offers the natural beauty and warm textured feel of timber with a range of functional advantages, Woodlook is the ideal option to give that timber look to your home.

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Looking out an Invisigard wood look security screen door