Security Door Colours

Security door colours

Choosing a security screen door or security window screen can be fairly straightforward when you work with Tower Security. Depending on the job you want your door to do, the options are all there and we can help you make the right choice. What can get difficult is choosing security door colours. There’s quite a range.

There are a standard colours and non standard colours and we’ve seen most of them on our doors and screens! (yes, even bright orange). 

Do you want the colour as a feature or do you want it to blend in with the existing frames and theme of the home?


Standard colour options include:

security door standard colour chart

These aren’t the only colours you can have. The following colours are the more popular non-standard colours and for a small surcharge your security screen door frame can be powder coated to suit.

Non standard colour choice images

For more non-standard colours see this brochure .

…and then there’s a selection of “Woodlook” finishes.

woodlook colour selection

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  *Tip: check our colour samples when we visit you to confirm colour accuracy.